Bardinet Napoleon VSOP Brandy


Bardinet Napoleon Brandy, also called the French Brandy, is distilled and aged in oak casks in the region of Bordeaux. It’s a delicate and balanced brandy.

ABV 40%
Size: 700ml

Comte de Lafitte Armagnac AOC

A full bodied,fruity,rustic Armagnac from one of Frances oldest distilling regions.A clever blend without the harshness associated with younger spirit ABV: 40% Size: 700mL Region: Armagnac, France

Calvados Christian Drouin AOC

While the Calvados du Pays d’Auge needs to undergo lengthy ageing in oak casks to reach full maturity, Calvados from the Domfront region, whose range of flavours is dominated by the fruit, can be drunk young. That explains why at the entry level of his range of Calvados Christian Drouin prefers to offer one that has been produced in his Domfront establishment. Recommended to those who appreciate Calvados as a long drink at aperitif time. ABV 40% Size: 700ml

Remy Martin VSOP Brandy


A fine Champagne Cognac from Remy Martin which was started in 1724. Darker amber than the VS, the VSOP stands for ‘Very Special Old Pale’ with a fresh, full nose with notes of vanilla, limousin oak, dried rose and apricot. Very mellow with a short, slightly warm finish.

ABV 40%
Size: 700ml

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