Plastic Wine Glass

Plastic wine glasses with detachable base.

Plastic Champagne Glass

Plastic Champagne glass with detachable base.

Chrome Tapered Bottle Pourer

Chrome bottle pourer, fits in the top of any spirits bottle for a smooth pour.

Jigger Measure Stainless Steel 0.5oz and 1oz


This is a handy stainless steel Jigger measure will help you mix your drinks to perfection every time.

Size: 0.5 oz and 1 oz

Vacuum Wine Stopper

Vacuum wine stopper. Keep unfinished wine fresh in the bottle until the following day.

Jigger Measure Stainless Steel 1oz and 1.5oz

This is a handy tool to have when mixing drinks made out of stainless steel. Size: 1oz and 1.5oz

Cork Screw

Handy cork serew with foil cutter.

Cork Screw & Wine Stopper Set


Handy set including a cork screw and wine bottle stopper. Makes a nice gift.

Flashing LED Glass


Flashes multi colours when any liquid is poured into the glass.  Made from acrylic and 10 oz size.   Contains replaceable batteries.   The cup will flash when you add any beer, wine, champagne, whisky adding s a touch of fun to your your party!

Champagne Bottle Stopper

Handy stopper for your Champagne bottle if you haven’t finished it off.

Champagne Flute

Chef & Sommelier Champagne Flute with effervescence plus and sheer rim technology. Size: 160ml

Wine Chiller Stick


Instantly chills wine.  Place your wine chiller in the freezer for at least two hours.  Pour out enough wine to allow the wine chiller to be inserted into your bottle. Insert the wine chiller into your bottle, it will keep your wine cool for up to an hour. Aerate your wine while pouring and enjoy.  Great gift for a wine lover.

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